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Welcome to the strange

kinky little toesucker sub

30 July 1975
Just one of many 30 something half-raver half-goths who is bisexual, into BDSM, confused about gender and has an interest in alternative forms of spirituality. I like reading a lot (mostly non-fiction) and I write fantasy stories plus I'm a big fan of nature. On the sexual side again I love toes!!! My life seems like a mess most of the time but I have a lot of fun working through my angst. My philosophical bent has enabled me to solve many spiritual and intellectual puzzles but I still can't figure my own life out. Like I said, I'm fairly typical of a lot of people.

This is mostly smutty stuff, rants and rubbish about music and TV, plus a place to big up my friends from biphoria - for intelligent, spiritual or just generally cleaner chatter - go to elfdragonlord